Technical Issues (and a whirlwind fortnight)

I have been so technologically frustrated over the past two weeks it is unreal. I was so delighted in February when I took delivery of my shiny new iPhone 6 after my 5’s battery life be and too unreliable. However, for about 6 weeks or so, my 6 has been ruining my day on a, well, daily basis. Firstly, it started to tell me it had 100% battery life all day before dying suddenly bad without notice. Then it recovered a little, and then, all of a sudden, the battery decided to die every 2 hours. Not helpful when you have a lot on! 

So, I have returned to my iPhone 5 and all is forgiven until I can get my 6 repaired (that is another story – currently trying to charge it enough to back up and restore as a last ditch attempt at self-help, but it looks like the battery is fried).

I’ve been trying to blog with my 5 in the mean time but the Word Press app has not been happening for me, despite being desperate to share some stuff with you (never mind the photos currently lost to my 6). After troubleshooting, I settled on deleting and re-installing and …you know the rest. 

Because I work full-time and have a lot on just now, I’ve been relying on the app most of the time so I can get my blogs up on the move or basically as soon as I crash down at home in the evening. 

So…other than that, I have had so much on in terms of family and friends this month. My lovely fiancĂ© came up to visit for a few days and we went out for a lovely meal, visited our wedding venue, went to a good friend’s wedding and also a family meal. Then I headed back home with him for a couple of nights and we just had a lovely time all round. 

This week has been crazy too, back to work, seeing Kevin Bridges and getting prepared for my Nana’s family barbecue and anniversary party this weekend. 

Anyway, I’ll leave it there today, bit I haven’t gone anywhere – more to come soon, including a couple of recipes and my July hits and misses!

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