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We’re back!

Well, we’re on our way back. As it turns out, when you don’t check on your blog for awhile, there’s a fair amount of housekeeping and maintenance to do before you can get up and running again properly (1,500 unapproved comments binned, 19,963 to go – I’m not even exaggerating).

So, where have we been? We’ve been pretty busy between one thing and another: working hard, not really playing hard but at least picking up some new hobbies, which you’ll hear more about soon, namely the wonderful game of curling and a more advanced level of gardening. For some reason, there never seems to be enough time to do everything we want to while keeping a clean and tidy house and trying to get enough sleep. It can’t be just us, right? Who actually has time to watch Love Island or any other TV show that’s on every day?! Especially when you have an awesome little black labrador who needs feeding and walking twice a day.

Inspiration struck and we’re going to have another go at this here blog. I seem to spend an hour and a half a day cooking anyway!

Cards on the table, I forgot my password. Charles, tech guru that he is, managed to break me back in and we’ve got a bit of boring stuff to do before we can come back full guns blazing, but are at least planning a re-design, which should make things a bit more visually appealing.

We’ll see you soon for more recipes and random ramblings about things we like, maybe some books, interior design (we’re starting to look at paint and flooring for our new house), what we’ve learned from our vegetable patch and maybe even some photography from the very talented husband. Keep an eye on our Instagram in the meantime. AB out.

Moving Day!

Hello, followers of Brookers of Blunty’s. As you might have gathered, life has become rather busier for myself and Mr Brooker. What’s more, Miss Campbell has become Mrs Brooker and I’ve invited myself to moving down to the Scottish Borders, meaning we are finally, officially, the Brookers of Blunty’s. I imagine we’ll bore you with some wedding photos shortly, but for now, we’re seriously busy trying to get the new house finished so that I can finally unpack. Living out of boxes will lose its novelty factor fairly sharpish!

As you’ll know, the most important part of the move will be getting our own kitchen, together, at last, so we spent a chunk of yesterday cleaning down the new units and floor, while waiting for the joiners to come and fit the hob (they didn’t turn up but we are hoping they might today), and this morning has been spent fitting the inner shelves to the kitchen units. I’m fairly sure we’ve managed to assign about 3 different areas for oils and herbs but hopefully it’ll all be ironed out when we unpack. The biggest hurdle is that I can only reach the first shelf in most of the upper cupboards, so all of Charles’ horrible horseradish sauce and so on will have to find its way to the upper shelves. My baking cupboard is also yet to present itself! 

There are all sorts of other things still to organise – namely gas, electricity, broadband and water – due to various screw ups on the part of the various providers, so there is a lot more outstanding than the new hob. Softly, softly and little by little, we’ll get there, and you’ll be hearing from us non-stop once we get there.

The best news so far is finding a little fruit and veg shop attached to the garden centre which sells the most incredible fresh produce for a fraction of supermarket prices. It’s about 7 or 8 miles away but most things are now, so we’re looking forward to plundering it weekly. I didn’t even know you could get purple sweet potatoes! 

Speak soon, ladies and gents; I might even manage to workout how to change my name by the next time! 

Technical Issues (and a whirlwind fortnight)

I have been so technologically frustrated over the past two weeks it is unreal. I was so delighted in February when I took delivery of my shiny new iPhone 6 after my 5’s battery life be and too unreliable. However, for about 6 weeks or so, my 6 has been ruining my day on a, well, daily basis. Firstly, it started to tell me it had 100% battery life all day before dying suddenly bad without notice. Then it recovered a little, and then, all of a sudden, the battery decided to die every 2 hours. Not helpful when you have a lot on! 

So, I have returned to my iPhone 5 and all is forgiven until I can get my 6 repaired (that is another story – currently trying to charge it enough to back up and restore as a last ditch attempt at self-help, but it looks like the battery is fried).

I’ve been trying to blog with my 5 in the mean time but the Word Press app has not been happening for me, despite being desperate to share some stuff with you (never mind the photos currently lost to my 6). After troubleshooting, I settled on deleting and re-installing and …you know the rest. 

Because I work full-time and have a lot on just now, I’ve been relying on the app most of the time so I can get my blogs up on the move or basically as soon as I crash down at home in the evening. 

So…other than that, I have had so much on in terms of family and friends this month. My lovely fiancé came up to visit for a few days and we went out for a lovely meal, visited our wedding venue, went to a good friend’s wedding and also a family meal. Then I headed back home with him for a couple of nights and we just had a lovely time all round. 

This week has been crazy too, back to work, seeing Kevin Bridges and getting prepared for my Nana’s family barbecue and anniversary party this weekend. 

Anyway, I’ll leave it there today, bit I haven’t gone anywhere – more to come soon, including a couple of recipes and my July hits and misses!