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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Sundays seem like a day for blogging. Sundays are for getting lunches and clothes ready for work, yes, but they’re also about snatching those last precious free weekend hours for yourself. Sundays are for reading, for baking for cooking. And soon, Sundays will be for watching a film, with a cup of tea and a blanket. Bliss. 

My Sunday started with a ridiculously long lie-in which I’m both ashamed of and at peace with. If you don’t have to set an alarm, it’s healthy to sleep for as long as your mind and body will you to. Every now and again. I felt guilty about it at first, but I still managed to have my grocery shopping done and packed away by 12.30 so it’s not all bad. 

Today’s food haul involved replenishing some bakery supplies, stocking up on fruit and veg for the week ahead, and finding some protein-rich goodies to base some weekday meals around. Mr Brooker will be very cross indeed when he realises I’ve strayed from prudently choosing recipes and shopping for them, but I just didn’t have the time or inclination I had last weekend, so I’ll be making it up as I go along this week. That said, I do know I have the ingredients for pad thai, which is no longer new to me but is infinitely satisfying. I do have some recipes from last week to share though so worry not. 

My day went a bit off course from there, however, as my aunt texted me to invite me for an impromptu lunch. So I shoved the rest of my shopping on the fridge, ran my straighteners through my hair, changed my top and hit the street for a wonderful warm duck salad, wine and coffee. I know, I know, that isn’t the way to whittle your waist into a wedding dress, but I’ve made my peace with it today. After all, I could have had a pizza! I grabbed some water as soon as I got back and have resolved to replace my planned ribeye steak and corn supper with something leaner. Besides, it means I’ll skip my Sunday coffee and small chocolate biscuit later on. 

Pushing back my workout until my food has digested, I’ve been hitting the books ever since. I’m now two exam passes and an application away from becoming a Chartered Financial Planner, and that means a lot of time spend looking at words, numbers and charts. 

Not to worry, eight more pages then I can get back to this lovely piece of ice cream and jelly (that’s what my English teacher used to call chick lit – there’s a time and a place for it as long as you finish your meat and two veg).

Then workout, Nashville and who knows. 

By the way, I noticed Vivianna blogged a week or so ago about how to get out of an exercise rut. I’ve dropped a dress size by combining Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred with No More Trouble Zones, and I’m considering jumping into Blogilates given we’re nearly at a new workout calendar month but I’m a little be scared since Jillian has been so good to me. I’ve switched over to Blogilates for two workouts this week and have found that I spend more time on it but that the time seems to go much more quickly when I’m doing it, if that makes sense. I’m just worried I won’t get enough cardio in. I’d love to hear about your experiences if anyone has anything they can recommend!

Anyway, I’m off to do my eight pages! Catch you later, lovely followers. 

Why Sundays are Made for Brunch

I’m afraid I don’t have a recipe for you today as i’m feeling extremely lazy and I still have a chicken to roast (you can have that one tomorrow, if you behave) and my Jillian Michaels workout to do and I’m struggling to move from the sunbeam I’m currently sitting in. 

Today I was in Glasgow with my Mum for shopping and so on which meant an early start (7am is ridiculous for a Sunday) then a train journey and a lot of walking. Normally, Sundays for me offer a decent lie in and a late breakfast of something that can only be called a cheat, like a bacon sandwich or eggs and buttered toast to last until dinner, so today we opted to have a lazy brunch at All Bar One in Glasgow. However, when we skipped off the train at 10am, we found that most of the shops were closed until 11. 


(Note, coffee photo was taken at Willows in Perth, not All Bar One, but it was just so pretty!).

No matter, we just went to brunch a little early and were entertained for a while by the South African waiter who frowned and joked with us when we said we’d prefer to wait til 11 so we could order mimosas. Eventually, we caved and ordered coffee, which came served with a shot glass of Smarties each (I’m not ashamed to say I ate both servings – note to self, don’t skip workout) before ordering Eggs Benedict at 11. Even after the Smarties, it was wolfed down, despite lacking its full complement of lemon. 

That kept me full til just about now. Is it just me, or do poached eggs and hollandaise taste much better when someone else is making them?!


There’s something wonderfully appropriate, for me, in the sociable self-indulgence of brunch (or even going out for a late breakfast) for starting off your Sunday. Must do it more often….