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This is the first empties blog I’ve done, so please bear with me! I seem to take ages to get through some things, whilst using others like they’re going out of fashion. 

Firstly, a moment of silence for my fallen Benefit Dandelion. This has been a constant chum, giving the prettiest pink blush flush, but finally I’ve rubbed the pan clean. Sad, sad, sad. I can’t decide if I’m going to buy another one or if I’m too old for it now, but either way it’s too pink for Winter so I’ll try to find something new for now. Any suggestions welcome! 

I’ve also finished a tube/bottle (?!) of this old workhorse. I’ve been a big fan of Max Factor Colour Adapt for many years, after s friend suggested it whilst we were out shopping. I always buy it in Creamy Ivory, which is the palest shade they seem to stock in Boots, even though it isn’t all that fair so really pale ladies would struggle with this range. Nevertheless, it’s good value, fairly long- lasting if you prime and set, and it has the most glorious velvety texture which was the reason I fell in love with it in the first place. It can be quite gathers over dry skin if you combine it with a concealer, but that doesn’t bother me too much as when my skin is as winter dry as it is just now, there’s no getting around that for my eye area. 


 Moisturiser. I can’t get enough of this stuff. I think I’m going to keep using the night cream above, at least in the winter, as although it’s not as thickly moisturising as I’d like it to be, it’s the best moisturiser I’ve found so far that doesn’t sting when I have really dry, irritated skin in the winter. Not a nice wake up call!
Although I’ve used the Replenishing Rich Moisturiser for years, I’m not convinced it’s doing all that much for me. Basically I but it because it’s usually quite cheap and I know there are no perfumes in it to irritate my skin, but I think I should be doing better at my age! Recommendations welcome! 

  Shower gel isn’t something I’m too loyal to. I like buying and trying out new ones, and browsing the aisles to see all the new colours, scents and textures these guys are trying to flog us. I’m quite lucky in that my skin (apart from my face) doesn’t seem to respond positively or negatively to whatever I choose to wash with so I generally have my pick. Ok, I generally pick what’s on offer. I prefer something citrusy or somehow zingy, and always a gel rather than a cream or a milk; far too namby pamby for the working week. The bottle I’ve just finished up is a basic Radox “feel revived” mandarin and lemongrass shower gel. Inoffensive, but not particularly exciting.

This, as you may know, is a range I’ve been struggling to get my head around (boom) since I started using it. I never seem to use up shampoo and conditioner at the same rate, so I’m on my first shampoo and second conditioner (they’re crafty, those 3-for-2s). I love the scent and the creamy way it applies to the hair, as well as the generally feeling that avocado oil and Shea butter must be good for your hair. This morning is the first time since using these that I’ve thought that might be true, as my hair has been so so dry with no sign of a comeback, even after switching from Frizz Ease. I probably won’t buy these again, but they were worth a shot, and they do give your hair a lovely scent.