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Sweet Potato and Salmon Fishcakes

Fishcakes are something that look and sound relatively appetising and healthy ( well, not to Charles as he doesn’t eat fish) but in the end they turn out to be much less good for you than you would think when you take into account all those potatoes, the butter or milk you add to the mash, the breadcrumbs and the oil those crumbs suck up while you’re getting them crispy. 

This recipe, made with lower carb, higher vitamin sweet potato mash and not crumbed or coated in the slightest, will just about fulfill that fishcake craving without any of the guilt, as well as being much simpler to make. 

 Salmon and sweet potato fishcakes 
 You will need:

2-3 sweet potatoes 

2 boneless salmon fillets

1/2 onion

1 clove garlic 

2cm fresh ginger

2 tbsp olive or groundnut oil

Salt and pepper 

1 tsp ground cumin

2 tsp smoked paprika

1/2 tsp chilli powder 

Handful frozen peas 

A few leaves of fresh parsley or coriander (optional)
recipes using sweet potatoes
  1. Cut the sweet potatoes in half and place cut side down on a foil lined baking tray and put into the oven at 180c for 25 minutes to half an hour. When they’re ready you should be able to squeeze the flesh out of the skins relatively easily. 
 salmon recipes 
  2. Sprinkle some smoked paprika onto the salmon fillets, place on a foil lined tray and cook at 180c for 8 minutes or until just cooked. healthy recipes 
  3. Chop the onion and grate the onion and garlic. Cook off in a little oil until the onions are translucent and allow to cool a little. salmon recipes 
  4. Remove the salmon fillets from the oven. Mash up the sweet potatoes with a fork – you’ll find this much easier than making mashed potato – then mix in the salmon, onion mixture, spices and seasonings. fishcake recipes 

 5. Add the frozen peas straight from the freeze then add in the herbs and mix it all together. how to make sweet potato cakes 
  6. This is where things got a bit messy for me! Because you aren’t using starchy potatoes as the base for your fishcakes, the mixture will be quite wet and sticky so I found it easier to turn the mixture into parties immediately before frying it up – if you put them down while you make the others they’ll just stick to everything and be quite difficult to pick up again. 

healthy meals 
  7. Set out a medium frying pan with a tablespoon of your preferred oil in it, set into a high heat. Fry each fishcake in turn until nicely brown on both sides.healthy fish recipes 

Then serve with lots of lovely vegetables (and add a poached egg if you like your protein!). 

Ginger, Honey, Soy Baked Salmon

Hi everyone!

I’m finally back! I’m afraid I’ve been off the grid a bit recently preparing for a ridiculously hard pensions exam. At last, it’s over, and I can start spending my free time on things I actually like doing. Studying on top of a full time job is pretty difficult and exhausting, especially when you’re also trying to fit in your pre-summer workout whilst trying to eat fresh and healthy and not letting your home turn into a dive. 

Thankfully, I discovered this little recipe through a combination of googling and using what I had in the cup airs and fridge and it’s seen me through a good few evenings of fresh, tasty, light dinner. 


You will need:

1 salmon fillet per person

Marinade, also per person, so double, triple, quadruple as required 

2 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp runny honey

1 clove garlic

2 tsp grated ginger

chilli powder or flakes to taste, depending how much spice you like 

1 tsp lemon juice 


1. Grate the garlic and ginger. Mix together the other ingredients in a ramekin or bowl. 

2. If you have the time and/or inclination, put the salmon in a freezer or sandwich bag and marinate in the sauce for about 10-20 minutes. If you don’t, cover the salmon in the sauce and place it on a piece of tin foil as far ahead as you can manage. 

3. Bake at 180C for 8 minutes or so. If you don’t wrap it up, the honey should caramelise around the edges, but even if it doesn’t, this is delicious!

Serve with roasted vegetables or green beans and rice.