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Chicken and Avocado Open Sandwiches

Ok, these still mean carbs. But we all need carbs sometimes. And they’re homemade carbs, so you have to let yourself off! They’re still almost raw and make a great light filling supper or weekend lunch, as well as ps king you full of vitamins, protein, good fats and omega 3!

You will need:

Half of a small baguette or a quarter of a big one

2 tbsp sour cream (optional)

1/2 medium avocado 

A large handful of roast chicken, or other chicken of your choice (this would be excellent with salmon)

Drizzle of sweet chilli sauce or sciracha 

Side salad of your choice 

1. Slice open your baguette.

2. Thinly spread with sour cream. Slice up your avocado and add this on top. Drizzle on some lemon juice and salt. 

 3. Place the chicken on top, drizzle with a spicy sauce, and serve with your salad. Speedy, healthy and a great way to use up leftovers!


Light Chicken Caesar Salad

Like many more people than you would think, I struggle with cheese. It breaks out my skin, it upsets my digestive system, it just doesn’t work. So I set out to make a no-Parmesan, low carb, delicious salad that was perfect on the go, which would satisfy even a work day lunch craving for something tasty. I know how hard it is to eat what you brought with you when it’s so much easier to go out to the deli and buy a panino or filled baguette. But we don’t squeeze into desses for wedding season that way, do we girls?!

You can make this guy with anything you like, but this particular one used my lemon garlic roast chicken, home-baked tortilla chips and roasted peperonata. I cheated with the dressing, though, because I just can’t look past Pizza Express House Dressing!

I made this using:

A few good-sized leaves of Cos or Romaine lettuce

A small carrot or half a large carrot

A 4-5 inch piece of cucumber

6-8 strips of peperonata, or sliced raw peppers

Sliced roast chicken, but any protein would work well

A small handful of tortilla chips or croutons

A smal dip bowl or splash of your favourite dressing. 

Slice and layer the vegetables, as you’d like, either onto a bowl or plate or into a sealable plastic container if you’re taking it out with you. Layer the chicken on top. Pour dressing into a small bowl or take our dressing container and seal with a lid or cling film pulled tightly. Wrap up or separately pack your tortilla chips so they stay crisp. And remember your cutlery! 

Roasted Peperonata

I couldn’t resist these bright little beauties in the supermarket and thought they’d make perfect chilled roasted peppers for salads. You don’t think they look much once they’re out of the oven, but sliced and stored away in the fridge, they last longer than you think and are so versatile for sandwiches and pizzas too.

The ideal way to create these is with a gas hob or blow torch in a pinch, but alas my hob is electric so I thought I would try to recreate these using my humble oven. And all is well! This would work with large peppers too; I just wanted to try it with these little ones. 

You will need:

As many peppers as you’d like

A tablespoon or so of olive oil

A baking tray covered in kitchen foil

An oven preheated to about 200C

1. Pour the oil onto the kitchen foil covered tray and put in the oven for around 5 minutes to let the oil heat up.

2. Remove from the oven carefully, tip the tray a little in each direction to let the oil spread out. Grab each pepper by the stalk, roll in the oil and then lay on the tray. 

3. Put the tray back in the oven and roast for at least 15 minutes – half an hour if you’re using full size peppers, checking every now and again. You want the outsides to be charred and the insides to be soft, so turn them over once they have started to blacken on top. 


4. When you’re happy they’re done, stick them all in a plastic or paper bag and tie or roll over the top. The idea is to create an environment for them to steam in, which will allow the skins to steam off, leaving the flesh ready to slice. 

5. Leave to steam for 10 to 15 minutes then start the process of rubbing away the skins. The flesh should pull apart easily as well, letting you scoop out the stalk and seeds. I find it easiest to get them skinned and tidy before laying them all out on the board to slice.

6. Slice and set aside in the fridge for use as you wish. You can even add some additional oil and seasoning if that’s what you like. These keep well in a container for a few weeks or longer in a sterilised jar.