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Little Primark Haulette

So it’s been a little while since I shared any shopping with you, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity, as it was a bit of an accidental haul. You can’t really go wrong with 4 items for £16! 
  So, first of all, this lovely £5 scarf. It’s nice and long, thick and wide and comes in a couple of different colour options. It’s also ridiculously soft. Being 100% acrylic, it might not have the best longevity, but when even new look is looking for £15 for a blanket scarf, you can’t really go wrong. Plus it would make an excellent knee blanket if you’re feeling particularly middle-aged…. 

 (And now for the close-up)

Item number 2 is a lovely, cosy pair of tartan pyjamas. £8, 100% cotton. They are super soft, again, but relatively smart in case you’re planning on a movie night with your friends. I particularly love the wiggly white edging.

  These were a total impulse buy, I’ll admit, but I was getting a bit sick of mismatched cost bottoms and thin tshirts with Mr B’s fleece thrown over the top. Time to be a grown-up. Again, they had a few different patterns, but these ones look much more expensive than the other colourways, which looked a bit cheap. That’s the key to Primark though – shop wisely! They’re even pattern-matched at the front! 

My one criticism would be that the cord on the trousers is pretty short so I’ll have to make sure it doesn’t make a break for it by wriggling back inside. 


I have some really lovely navy tartan thick cotton pj bottoms which are relatively slim legged and generally quite smart, so I thought I ought to treat them to a new tshirt. £2.80. Now that’s bang for your buck. It is a pretty stretchy fabric though so if in doubt I would size-up.


Aaand, last but not least, this absolute steal: 

Pretty right? I thought it would be perfect to slip inside the neck of a nice plaid shirt. 

Yerp. A single pound. Even at the original £2 it’s a pretty good deal. 

So that’s us. Let me know if you’ve found any hidden gems recently!