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Snow White on Ice and Willem Dafoe

Yesterday was a Saturday of culture, starting off with Perth Farmers Market , grocery shopping, lunch and While You Were Sleeping. There wasn’t all that much cooking going on though, as I was visiting my parents, en route to Snow White on Ice, to which I’d bought tickets for my Mum for Christmas.


Before that, though, we went to Grand Italia for another exceptional Italian supper. There’s not much I can say about it except that the food is always delicious and fresh, the staff welcoming and the service, excellent. It is unchanging. The owner is wonderfully Italian, and encourages any ‘grazies’ and ‘buonaseras’ you have to offer.

I first went to see The Russian Ice Stars 2 years ago, when they performed Beauty and the Beast. They were acrobatic, hilarious and mesmerising, and if anything this performance was better. Goodness knows how they can gather such speed on a rink that is literally the size of the normal stage (which I can tell you is not at all big). There were lifts, rapid pirouettes and aerial acrobatics, with 2 of the company spinning and somersaulting, held only by a hook, a sash and one another’s hands. It was flawless. The only fly in the ointment was former bit part soapstar Rustie Lee, who had been brought in to karate the story for the kids. She fluffed some of her lines, swallowed others, and was not at all a good actress. The kids enjoyed it though as her part was played in pantomime style, and they enjoyed interacting with her. Regardless, the production is a joy. Go and see it!

When we got back, my Dad had picked 1988 classic Mississippi Burning for us all to watch, starring a very young Willem Dafoe and Gene Hackman. I was 1 when it was released and had never heard of it but it was moving, poignant and generally quite wonderful.

Right, off to finish my kitchen cushions!