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Happy December and Collab. Shout Out

Happy 1st December, one and all!

I won’t claim I jumped out of bed with any sort of vigour, never mind renewed vigour, because I was up at 6.30am to get a train to Edinburgh. And I hate public transport. Really really despise it. What is with sitting on the platform freezing your toes off for 20 minutes to get on first just to be beaten to it by people who’ve been sitting inside until the very last minute who either happen to stand exactly where the train doors stop, or barge their way in front of you as soon as the doors open?! Rude. 

I have a personal space issue, you see. I’m one of those horrid only children you hear about. I can’t stand it when people in a queue seat forward so they keep bumping into your back, or having to sit next so someone on the train. It’s not their presence I object to as such, it’s the lack of space and total lack of control as to when you can decide to get up and leave. You spend the journey with your handbag digging into your knees and you can’t get into it for anything without feeling as though you’re elbowing them multiple times. And then there’s the awkward “are you getting off, can I get out please” dance. Just no. That’s why I always buy advance first class tickets when I visit Mr Brooker. Individual seat, free wine, lots of leg room – bliss. 

Anyway I’m digressing! I did get to enjoy my first Starbucks Toffee Nut Latté of the season, and there were turkey, cranberry and stuffing sandwiches for lunch! Excellent. For me, there should be no Christmas before 1st December, apart from any mincemeat/Christmas Cake you might have to bake. So I can finally dig out some decorations and a cinnamon candle. 

My Mum bought me the Ciaté Mini Mani Month advent calendar in TKMaxx (which I suspect was last year’s model but who cares! It’s rather lovely and will hopefully help me not to buy any more nail polish this year. We shall see….

This morning came with this rather lovely little bottle of Miss Mistletoe glitter, which I’m very excited about layering over something red or gold. 

I wasn’t sure I’d get home at a reasonable time tonight so I’ve opted for a cheat’s supper of fish fingers and peas. I’m not sure why I’m telling you this except that I’m considering whether Blogmas is a realistic possibility for me, and if so, what I ate this evening ought to feature, so let’s not leave 1st December out! 

I’m off home now to tackle two rounds of Blogilates (one is to make up for not doing any tomorrow night) including a rather ridiculous 4xHIIT workout which has rather innocently been called the Snowbunny Blast…

Anyways, the initial point of this post was to ask of anyone fancies a bit of a Christmas food collaboration? As Mr Brooker would readily tell you, I love a bit of themed baking/cookery. So just putting it out there – give me a shout if you would consider sharing your favourite Christmas foods. You wouldn’t even need to provide recipes- just share your “Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without” traditions. 

Happy December!