Summer Favourites and Failures

The biggest failure of this summer has to be my phone breaking. Frustrating. Very frustrating. Or as they say in “In the Loop”: ‘difficult, difficult, lemon difficult’.

Whilst my favourite moment of the summer was seeing one of my best friends get married. Tears. Lots of happy tears. But lovely all the same. 

At the beginning of July, I shared some of the products I picked up in Boots in an attempt to try some new things and get our of my rut. As usual, some of these worked and others have me a hefty dose of buyer’s remorse. I’ve also been using other products for awhile longer, and have bought a few more things since. So here’s a summary of what worked for me and what would be in the bin if that wouldn’t waste even more money!

Simple has given me a game of two halves lately. I’ve been a loyal customer for a number of years, simply (see what I did there) because I have pretty dry to sensitive skin which can flare up at any time. Whilst I love moisturisers which offer a fresh scent, facial moisturiser is just something I can’t really risk. I usually use the replenishing moisturiser for both day and night, though I occasionally by the day any night creams which come in the plastic tub. They are so heavy for travelling though so the bottle of replenishing has done me fine over the summer. However, these were on 3 for 2 when I went to a Boots to stock up, so you have to try something new and something pricier, right? I’m not sure if my logic is flawed, but if something’s going to be free, it might as well be an expensive something. 

The age resisting night cream is miraculous – I didn’t realise how un-moisturising the replenishing cream was until I met this guy. The green tea extract is refreshing too. I’m not convinced that it’s helping me to resist any form of aging, but I wake up with a soft face and need much less product than usual. It comes in a pump action container, so I’ll report back about how difficult it is to squeeze the last drops out when I get there. 

The day cream, however, well, it’s like night and day (I’m on fire today). I’m not having a great time with the day cream. It isn’t as nourishing, although perhaps that’s because it doesn’t deal too well to being immediately applied to freshly washed skin and I think it might also be irritating my skin, although that may have something to do with the primer I’ve been trying (see below). I’ll keep trying because I don’t like waste (maybe I’ll try it as a night cream if my quasi OCD will allow it) but I’m not convinced! 

One of you lovely ladies commented that you would be interested in my review of Dove Summer Glow. It may be because I chose fair to medium, being Scottish of the skin, but I simply haven’t noticed this giving me any colour at all. It smells good though, and leaves dry calves smooth, so for £2.99 it isn’t bad. 

This Frizz-Ease Oil Elixir is another story though. I bought it after being wowed by argan oil. Unable to find more of the pure stuff, I gave this a shot (again on a 3 for 2 with my shampoo and conditioner). Do not buy this, unless you like sticky, heavy hair. In fact I think it dried out my hair more than not using it. The one thing it is good for, though, is smoothing fly-aways once your hair has been styled.


Maybelline Master Sculpt is pretty good for the money, letting you easily create a subtle powder contour and highlight, but it won’t be for you if you want to be really bronzed and glowy.

This Barry M Gelly Shine Nail Paint in Sugar Plum is a luscious pink glossy polish however it’s lasting power is pretty feeble. You’ll probably be fine with it for a day, but it will chip fairly readily after that, which makes for high maintenance nails. 

The Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipliner is beautifully creamy and smooth, however the colour range is pretty limited to very dark shades or pale baby pink shades. None of which do it for me. However I may yet play around with blending this with a more nude lipstick or gloss to see if I can make it suit. 

This Collection Lasting Colour Tafetta Rose lipstick is almost the colour I wanted it to be – perhaps still a shade too dark but it works. It’s a great bargain at £2.99, but it can be a bit drying so you might want to apply some Vaseline or lip balm over the top, if you don’t mind a bit of shine. 

  The Porefessional from Benefit offers so much but delivers little really. It’s a sticky formula which is hard to blend around your face and I think I might be allergic to it. A very pricey primer. 

The next two, on the other hand, are delightful! The Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush is £1.99 and is as soft and fluffy as you’d like it. They have a range of different sizes so it’s likely I’ll try se more of these, but this one is really designed for crease and transition and for carefully blending out. 

The Collection Lasting Colour Concealer is a godsend at £4.99 with plenty of coverage. I bought this in Cool Medium (shade 2) and have used it pretty much every day (as you can see by the state of the packaging). I’ll be buying it again instead of the Maybelline FitMe Concealer, which was about £7.99 and hasn’t impressed me. 

The Maybelline Age Rewind roll on gives good, even coverage. I bought this a shade too dark but it’s fine once blended in with the Lasting Colour guy and set with powder. This was £9.99 but I feel a lot of the price went into the packaging. 

Finally, the king of all things: St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I actually bought this in tesco and use it about 5 times a week. It’s gentle enough to feel like you’re getting a really good face wash and exfoliate without causing too much redness about the face. And it smells glorious. And (touch wood) it has kept my skin much clearer that normal. This is a welcome addition to my skin are routine. 

If you have any favourites or fails this summer, I’d love to hear from you!

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