Moving Day!

Hello, followers of Brookers of Blunty’s. As you might have gathered, life has become rather busier for myself and Mr Brooker. What’s more, Miss Campbell has become Mrs Brooker and I’ve invited myself to moving down to the Scottish Borders, meaning we are finally, officially, the Brookers of Blunty’s. I imagine we’ll bore you with some wedding photos shortly, but for now, we’re seriously busy trying to get the new house finished so that I can finally unpack. Living out of boxes will lose its novelty factor fairly sharpish!

As you’ll know, the most important part of the move will be getting our own kitchen, together, at last, so we spent a chunk of yesterday cleaning down the new units and floor, while waiting for the joiners to come and fit the hob (they didn’t turn up but we are hoping they might today), and this morning has been spent fitting the inner shelves to the kitchen units. I’m fairly sure we’ve managed to assign about 3 different areas for oils and herbs but hopefully it’ll all be ironed out when we unpack. The biggest hurdle is that I can only reach the first shelf in most of the upper cupboards, so all of Charles’ horrible horseradish sauce and so on will have to find its way to the upper shelves. My baking cupboard is also yet to present itself! 

There are all sorts of other things still to organise – namely gas, electricity, broadband and water – due to various screw ups on the part of the various providers, so there is a lot more outstanding than the new hob. Softly, softly and little by little, we’ll get there, and you’ll be hearing from us non-stop once we get there.

The best news so far is finding a little fruit and veg shop attached to the garden centre which sells the most incredible fresh produce for a fraction of supermarket prices. It’s about 7 or 8 miles away but most things are now, so we’re looking forward to plundering it weekly. I didn’t even know you could get purple sweet potatoes! 

Speak soon, ladies and gents; I might even manage to workout how to change my name by the next time! 

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