More Ideas for Filling Girlies’ Stockings!

As explained in my previous post, my Mum, Nana and I collectively contribute to each others’ stockings every year. This usually means buying 3 of everything. With my wedding coming up, however, we’re on a bit of an economy drive, so finding more specific gifts for each person has become a priority. I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve bought for them, in case it might help you come up with something new. 

1. Books – I buy a lot of books and I also buy a fair few books for my Nana through the each year so Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without getting her a couple. A novel is a great stocking filler: easy to pick up for a few quid, a great present if the giftee likes to read, and it takes up a big chunk of space in that stocking. If they don’t read, how about a daft little thing from the humour section (just make sure it’s actually funny) or one of those little cookery or baking books you get. If they’re planning a holiday, how about a travel guide? 

Books as Stocking Filler Ideas
Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult


2. Cosy Socks – knowing my family, the warm socks of last Christmas seem to have scarpered, never to be found again by the time Christmas rolls around again.  At this time of year you can find great cosy socks all over the place. Even shops which don’t normally sell them seem to stock them for an impulse buy. Stick with your budget, but pretty and buy soft! These particular ones were from M&S – £5 for 2 snazzy pairs. 


Secret Santa Ideas
Ted Baker Gift Set
3. Bath Stuff People Might Actually Like! This is a lovely little gift set from Ted Baker which, for £6, offers a handbag-sized perfume and a travel sized body wash. Great for a secret Santa present too. 


Chocolate Coins
Chocolate Stocking Fillers
4. Chocolate! Of course, you can’t skip the obligatory chocolate coins, and I usually throw in a Chocolate Orange as well. Marks and Spencer are selling a good range of Christmassy chocolates perfect for throwing into a stocking, including clementines, brussel sprouts and caramel parcels, as well as the traditional chocolate coins. 

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