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Sorry about my lack of contribution to the blog recently. As Alyson has said countless times, I am beavering away trying to get our house built. Progress is a bit better this week but still plenty to get on with.

While we both have our own places, moving into our own house is proving to test our wallets with the wedding etc. costs all mounting. Can you believe they charge £305 for a civil servant to come and read some boring legal mumbo-jumbo to people!

About a week ago, we were contacted by Dealslands regarding a sponsored post. In that time, I have been looking at several items to purchase. Ranging from shower trays to ovens. Even though we are not quite ready to buy things, a good coupon/voucher site is often handy to know about. I have been pleasantly surprised about how good they are. They might even find a place on my bookmarks list!

There have been a few things I have enjoyed about using Dealslands in the last week:-

  • A lot of these companies bombard you with “vouchers”, that are actually just an advert that they are having a sale. Dealslands do have these but they always seem to be below that actual coupon codes.
  • The site is very clearly laid out without a mountain of spam links here, there and everywhere. It is pretty refreshing to be perfectly honest!
  • I also like the categories section, I am looking at some gardening equipment and with it not being an area of expertise, I don’t know which retailers are about, so if I can be presented with the ones that are having sales and good offers then it will save a fair bit of time.

The only real negative I have found is that if you search for a store and the site doesn’t recognise it, it just reloads the homepage and this caught me out a time or two, re-searching it again.

It would be totally disingenuous to be pushing a brand that served no purpose and I can genuinely say that there have been a few coupons that I plan to use. – There is a Currys promo code for £30 off on purchases over £299, which will be helpful for an oven that Alyson and I both think will be ideal! I almost used a Matalan offer to buy a couple of shower trays until they asked for £72 deliver to deliver them!

Given that I am ageing rapidly and Alyson STILL hasn’t bought me some slippers, I very nearly used the Mahabis discount code, but I saw that the bloke on their website had a man bun and was immediately put off a pair. Disappointing!


They also have some really good Nike discount codes that are worth checking out

I will let you into a cheeky secret I have discovered that works a lot more than it should – If you type VIP15/VIP10/VIP5 into the discount code section of an online purchase, it is amazing how often it works!

If you are ever going to buy something online, take 10 seconds to load the Dealslands UK page and check there isn’t a discount code you can fire in. It’s so easy and as they say, a penny saved is a penny earned!

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