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How to Make Lace Tealight Holders

Here we are, 4 days to go before our big day, and time to pull our socks up in terms of getting you guys some lovely interesting content to read. We’ve had bit of a month of it, for many reasons, but it’s time to get organised and start looking forward to our new life together. It sounds a bit cheesey, I know, but I really am the happiest I have ever been. So please accept our apologies!

Wedding Rings
As for a quick update on how the house is progressing, well we very nearly have an intact kitchen, the electrics have been tested and approved, and Charles is whipping the water people into shape. My office is good to go, with the carpet for the upstairs due to arrive next week along with the boiler. We have so many hard working guys who are pulling out the stops to get the project finished, so saying thank you feels a little weak!

Building a kitchen
While Charles has been busy working 14 hour days to get us into our home, I’ve been pottering around making things for the wedding, organising thank you cards and generally keeping my fingers crossed that nothing has been forgotten. We didn’t really want a theme for our wedding, but we have had an overriding ideal that as much as possible should be reusable and good value for money. For my part, I was keen to make as much as possible, both because I enjoy crafts, and because it’ll help to keep things as personal as possible. One of the easiest projects I took on was these little lace tealight holders which cost about £1 each all in all, despite going for £5 each on Etsy. 

Lace Tealight Holders
To make these you will need:

Glass tealight holders, available from craft shops like Hobbycraft

Lace, enough to encircle the glasses, 15cm for each in my case, again, purchased from Hobbycraft

A gluegun (available for £5 from, guess where….)

Plain white tealights 

A dressmakers’ measuring tape (flexible)

How to Make Lace Tealight Holders

1. Use the measuring tape to measure around the glass at the point you’ll be wrapping your lace around. I decided the lace for these ones should sit just above the bases to let the lace hide the tealight as far as possible. You should measure to allow a small overlap and a margin for error to hide the glue line. 

Using a Glue Gun

2. Cut the lace to size and plug in the glue gun to hear up, making sure there’s a glue stick plugged into the back, and that the glue gun is propped up over an old magazine or newspaper in case of dripping. 

Handmade wedding decorations

3. When the glue gun is ready, you should be able to test it out by squeezing the trigger. If hot glue comes out easily, you’re golden. Squeeze a small line of glue onto the tealight holder and rapidly stick down one end of the lace. Be very careful not to burn yourself as the glue is really hot but will set very quickly. 

Once the first line of glue has set, pipe another line of glue just behind the first to avoid the dried glue being too bulky. Stick down the other end of the lace, being careful to match the line and scallop and to pull it right but not too tight. Let the set and trim off any excess lace. 

Handmade Tealight Holders
Pop a tealight in and you’re good to go. As we’re using these for our wedding, I bought 8 hour tealights which are deeper than the normal cheaper ones, but contain much more wax so they won’t run out of steam before the end of the evening. 

More foodie posts coming soon! 

“Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Box

Weddings are a big business these days. Pinterest has gone mad for it and so has TV. The joy of the Internet. This just means there’s all the more pressure to get every detail right. And doing that without bankrupting your parents can be pretty difficult. 

Mr Brooker and I are just having a small wedding with about 60 guests, and with bridesmaids’ dresses costing over £200 each, I can only really afford to have 2. As I was part of a close group of 4 at school, this makes things a little diplomatically tricky, but one of us has been a bridesmaid to another of us who has 2 sisters, so hopefully all will be alright on the night and the third friend will be understanding. 

At the end of the day, as I keep reminding myself, it’s our wedding, not theirs. However there are some things I’m planning to do to make sure said friend still feels included, i.e. making sure there’s accommodation with the rest of us the night before, letting her get ready with the main party and maybe asking her to do a reading at the ceremony. If anyone else has been in a similar predicament, I’d love to hear how you dealt with it and how that went down.   

Anyway, in order to get yourself any bridesmaids, you have to ask them. Both of the girls are pretty busy, with one living about 2 and a half hours away where she works as a vet and is therefore hard- working and often on call. The other has an extremely busy social life and has only just been married herself. So it was important that when I finally had the opportunity to ask them to do me the honour that I was able to ask them in an interesting way. And this is what I came up with. The idea of a box of gifts isn’t a new one – they’re all over Pinterest -but I thought it might still be interesting to show you my interpretation. 

Firstly, I bought a couple of plain wooden boxes from The Works, which is a great place to pick up cheap craft supplies. Hobbycraft is a good place to pick up this sort of thing as well, although you could of course just Google for whatever you need. I also bought a bottle of almond coloured acrylic paint and gave the outside of each box a few coats of paint. It took a few evenings to get to the finished box, as I wanted to make sure the bottom was painted and dry as well as the top and remaining sides each time I added another coat. 

Next, I took some double-sided tape and used it to stick a piece of burlap, cut to size, to fit inside the lid of the box. This isn’t necessary, of course, it just helps to make a £3 wooden box look like something much more expensive. You could of course use card or another type of fabric, possibly in your wedding colours, but I thought the burlap gave it a more natural feel (I can’t stand the word ‘rustic’!) which goes with the theme of my wedding. Glue would make this more secure, but it would have sidled through the burlap so the sticky tape was a more invisible alternative.


As you can see, it makes the box look much more seamless with relatively little effort. Next, I printed out the big question onto some ordinary printer paper, choosing a font which I felt suited the mood of the finished piece. As I said before, I have only 2 bridesmaids. As one of them is married, she’ll be Matron of Honour, but the other will be my Maid of Honour, as she is the Chief Bridesmaid. To avoid the confusion of this confusing situation, I asked the Matron of Honour to be my Bridesmaid and the Maid to be my Maid of Honour.


So I printed out each question, cut a rectangle around at a good proportion, and stick each onto a rectangle of pearlescent card to create a border. Again, not entirely necessary, but the devil is in the detail. 


Again, I sided double-sided tape to attach the card to the burlap inside the box lid, pressing down hard and leaving it open until it was nicely set. By the way, I also bought the burlap and card from The Works. 

To fill the box, I bought some purple tissue paper from Paperchase to match one of the wedding colours we’ve chosen. I used this to line exchange box, then filed them up with girly treats, including some retro sweets, nail files, homemade shortbread in the shape of dresses, a mini bottle of prosecco, nail polishes in our wedding colours as a little hint, a paper rose (which I plan to incorporate into the decor on the day) and a notebook for the Maid to help her stay organised. I also wrote a list of her duties on the first couple of pages. 

Finally, I folded a piece of tissue paper to cover over all the presents, and topped it off with a “Save the Date”. 

The girls seemed really pleased with their boxes and I really enjoyed putting them together. I’d love to hear how you asked your girls to be part of your big day. I’m looking forward to sharing a few more of these crafty blogs with you, including how I made our Save the Dates, paper roses and shortbread.