Why Thursday is the new Friday

It’s Thursday at last and I’m feeling rather thoughtful about it. I think Thursdays are somewhat the unsung hero of the working week: Monday is a crushing disappointment, Tuesday is pretty much Monday, albeit with a hint of promise, and Wedbesday never feels as far along in the week as it should, but Thursday, blessed Thursday, floods me with near-weekend promise. 

As a night owl, I’m always pleased when I don’t have a heavy day coming up, letting me watch a couple of extra YouTube videos or read another chapter of my book without feeling too busy because Fridays are a ice-cream-and-jelly kind of a day, especially as my office has a round of bacon rolls every Friday morning as well as a 4.30 finish for drinks in the boardroom (although that has rather gone out of the window but that’s a story for another day). That said, there’s also a new saying in our office that of anything’s going to go wrong, it’s going to do so on a Friday. 

Personally, Thursdays are incidentally quite a big day for me. I was born on a Wednesday, so a Thursday was my very first day in life, and I’ll be waking up for my first day as a wife on a Thursday morning next year. And news series American TV premieres happen on a Thursday. Like Friends! The first ever Friends was shown on a Thursday. And Thursday always seems to be the busiest night for going “out out” in your 20s. It’s like we’ve already given up on the week. 

Fridays, however, always seem like s good idea, but inevitably turn out to be anti-climatic. The New Year’s Eve of the working week.

Happy October, everyone. Let me know all about your favourite day of the week!

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