The 5 Best….Christmas Party Essentials (Collab.)

I’m so excited about this post. It all started a week ago, and here I am putting together my first ever collaboration post. It’s all thanks to Beautyandthelook for getting us all together, so thanks Siobhan! She basically gave a shout-out to anyone who fancied joining in and she was kind enough to include me. 

We’ve had some great Twitter chats as well; it’s been a pleasure to (virtually) meet you girls and discover your lovely blogs.  Anyway, we’re all posting right now on the same theme: top 5 Christmas party essentials, with office parties just around the corner. I’ve linked all of their blogs at the end of my post, so please check them out; it’ll be so interesting seeing everyone’s take on the same theme. And then there’s the glitter…..


 1. Metallic/Sparkly Nail Polish 


I always seem to find myself planning for Christmas parties at the last minute. I ordered some dresses online on Thursday in the hope that at least one of them will do, as I did last year, and the year before. So much stress. Anyway, once you have your clothes, shoes and accessories sorted, my first bit of game time preparation is to spend time filing and painting my nails. I’m one of those people who never leaves enough time then either chips their polish or falls asleep when it’s still tacky and wakes up with dents. 

Anyway, a glitter or metallic nail polish is essential for a Christmas party in my opinion! As I dont know what I’ll be wearing yet, I thought I’d share my favourite polish from last winter, which is the Barry M Aquarium Collection Nail Paint in Persian, which is a beautiful irradescent purple/bronze, which turns more bronzey if you add a clear top coat. It gives you a really beautiful metallic sheen which moves with the light. Perfect for a party!


2. Your Best Deodorant 

This is sort of self-explanatory, but I think deodorant/anti-perspirant is an under-reviewed area of beauty. I suppose it does tend to be cheap enough to warrant buying without research, but even if your wallet doesn’t feel the pain of a bad product, I reckon the embarrassment factor of being let down by your deodorant should really warrant a bit of research!

In my experience, office parties tend to either start straight from work, or give you a short amount of time to get ready before go time. My employer’s head office is in Edinburgh, so we all get shipped through there for the Christmas party. Normally we get to finish work at about 3 to meet the taxi to leave at about 5. I only live 10 minutes away from the office now, so I have the luxury of going home to shower and change, but I’ve had many experiences of fighting with the other girls for time in the loo to change, straighten my hair and reapply my makeup. In those cases, you need your deodorant to hold up all day as well as all night.


This one is my favourite, the Soft & Gentle 48 Hour Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. I’ve used this for years and years. I’ve just noticed that it also has an anti-white mark formula, which may have been added somewhere along the lines after Sure started pushing their white and black situation. Anyway, I love this deodorant. I always pick up the Wild Rose and Vanilla scent, but I think there are around 4 to choose from. This gives me good day-long protection with a really natural scent. It doesn’t feel too powdery and it doesn’t really smell like a deodorant. It’s a big win in my book, and essential to keep you feeling and smelling fresh until you crawl home in the small hours. 

3. The Perfect Blusher 

The obvious inclusion in this post would be the perfect sparkly eye shadow. I’m going to be controversial and miss that out of my top 5, as I don’t necessarily think it is an essential for everyone. Depending on your look and what you’ll be wearing, you might feel more comfortable keeping your eyelids subtle and neutral. Provided you line your eyes well and choose a bombshell of a mascara, the shadow isn’t all that important.

What us essential, however, is a good blusher to give you a healthy, just in from the cold flush about the cheeks. Blusher is also a great product for dialling up your make-up from daytime functional to party time glamorous. 

This MAC Mineralise blush in Petal Power is just beautiful. It’s the perfect peachy pink, plus it has the most beautiful goldy shinmer to dial it up for Christmas, meaning you don’t necessarily need to highlight as well (although I’m pretty sure I will). 

4. Good Mascara

So even if you haven’t gone all out on the glittery shadow, you really need a bit of drama about the eyes for your Christmas party. This is a slight cheat, as I’m including 2 products here as one item, but given they’re both from L’Oreal, the price of 2 is still less than a lot of single high end mascaras. 

The two I recommend are L’Oreal Telescopic and L’Oreal Voluminous, both in extra black. Day-to-day, I’ve been using the voluminous on its own, for a great daytime look which gives plenty of frame to your eyes. However, trust me, the Telescopic really makes all the difference when you want to take it up a notch. It’s unbelievable at adding length to your top lashes, I was sold the first time I tried it, but it does leave them looking pretty leggy, so the voluminous is great for plumping them out. Use a couple of coats of each on your top lashes, but go slowly if you don’t like clumping. I haven’t been using the Telescopic on my lower lashes though, as I already have pretty long lower lashes and that would just be bizarre! 


The only problem here is that apparently the Telescopic has been replaced by the Telescopic Falsh Lash Effect, so we’ll have to see how that goes down when it’s time to replace this one.

5. Make-up Setting Spray 

Now what’s the point in spending all that time perfecting your make-up if it’s going to wear off by the time you get your Christmas dinner? That’s where setting-spray comes in. Use this one by MakeUp Forever if you’d like (but it’s £18 for the full-size) but Urban Decay has a couple of great ones as well. They are both pretty pricey though so I’m trialing the new MUA Pro-Base Fixing Mist (£5) today. Fingers crossed it holds!   

So there we have it! My 5 best Christmas Party Essentials. Hopefully you’ve got the bug now and will enjoy reading my fellow collaborators’ posts as well! Have a great Christmas party! 

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