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How to Make Lace Tealight Holders

Here we are, 4 days to go before our big day, and time to pull our socks up in terms of getting you guys some lovely interesting content to read. We’ve had bit of a month of it, for many reasons, but it’s time to get organised and start looking forward to our new life together. It sounds a bit cheesey, I know, but I really am the happiest I have ever been. So please accept our apologies!

Wedding Rings
As for a quick update on how the house is progressing, well we very nearly have an intact kitchen, the electrics have been tested and approved, and Charles is whipping the water people into shape. My office is good to go, with the carpet for the upstairs due to arrive next week along with the boiler. We have so many hard working guys who are pulling out the stops to get the project finished, so saying thank you feels a little weak!

Building a kitchen
While Charles has been busy working 14 hour days to get us into our home, I’ve been pottering around making things for the wedding, organising thank you cards and generally keeping my fingers crossed that nothing has been forgotten. We didn’t really want a theme for our wedding, but we have had an overriding ideal that as much as possible should be reusable and good value for money. For my part, I was keen to make as much as possible, both because I enjoy crafts, and because it’ll help to keep things as personal as possible. One of the easiest projects I took on was these little lace tealight holders which cost about £1 each all in all, despite going for £5 each on Etsy. 

Lace Tealight Holders
To make these you will need:

Glass tealight holders, available from craft shops like Hobbycraft

Lace, enough to encircle the glasses, 15cm for each in my case, again, purchased from Hobbycraft

A gluegun (available for £5 from, guess where….)

Plain white tealights 

A dressmakers’ measuring tape (flexible)

How to Make Lace Tealight Holders

1. Use the measuring tape to measure around the glass at the point you’ll be wrapping your lace around. I decided the lace for these ones should sit just above the bases to let the lace hide the tealight as far as possible. You should measure to allow a small overlap and a margin for error to hide the glue line. 

Using a Glue Gun

2. Cut the lace to size and plug in the glue gun to hear up, making sure there’s a glue stick plugged into the back, and that the glue gun is propped up over an old magazine or newspaper in case of dripping. 

Handmade wedding decorations

3. When the glue gun is ready, you should be able to test it out by squeezing the trigger. If hot glue comes out easily, you’re golden. Squeeze a small line of glue onto the tealight holder and rapidly stick down one end of the lace. Be very careful not to burn yourself as the glue is really hot but will set very quickly. 

Once the first line of glue has set, pipe another line of glue just behind the first to avoid the dried glue being too bulky. Stick down the other end of the lace, being careful to match the line and scallop and to pull it right but not too tight. Let the set and trim off any excess lace. 

Handmade Tealight Holders
Pop a tealight in and you’re good to go. As we’re using these for our wedding, I bought 8 hour tealights which are deeper than the normal cheaper ones, but contain much more wax so they won’t run out of steam before the end of the evening. 

More foodie posts coming soon! 

When My Exams Are Over….

This time next week, I’ll have finished my dreaded, life stealing CII Personal Finance exams, trying to forget about the impending results as I attempt to become a Chartered Financial Planner (funnily enough the results are due on the day of the firm’s Christmas party). I’ve been working on these exams for 5 years now, alongside my full-time job, though I’ve been qualified as a Financial Adviser for 3 of those. Now it’s time to try to secure the holy grail “Chartered” title by completing the Advanced Diploma, even though I’m going to stay well and truly behind my desk in the back office, there’s more and more pressure on us technical kids to be as qualified as we possibly can. And if you want to get anywhere, you have to work at it, right?

It’s boring. It’s unexciting. And it’s not easy. The course materials are dry. The text is quite literally grey. And they make it as difficult as they can for you to pass because the materials and exam sittings go for over £100 a pop for each module. Because it’s so dry and so difficult, the process has been stealing a lot of my free time. And, finally, after two 3-hour exams next week, I should be free. Unless I fail.

When I struggle to concentrate, I find my mind drifting to all the things I could be doing with my time, so I thought I’d share some of my autumn/winter plans with you, even if it’s just to stop them swimming around my mind! It’s quite therapeutic to think about all the things you’re looking forward to!

1. Cook more! At the beginning of the year, I started this blog to give me the motivation to keep trying new recipes. And it was going really really well, until my evenings became too squashed up to really let me think about my grocery list and take the time to approach things in a chilled and creative way. So back to the kitchen! 

2. Have a clear out. I’ve been trying to systematically tidy my flat every few months or so, this drawer one evening, that cupboard on a Sunday afternoon, and so on, but I just haven’t had the time over the last few months, so I’ve really just been keeping the place clean and tidy in plain sight. If I pass these exams, my study materials are hitting the recycling, my clothes are going to be thinned out and my junk is going in the bin. It’s going to take some work, but I’m really looking forward to the calmness of the results.

3. Take up Yoga. I used to take yoga classes when I was but a girl, but it fizzled out fairly quickly when my auntie got bored of taking me and I’ve had a mild inclination to start again ever since. I’ve never really been one for exercise, so yoga suited me down to the ground, but now I’m a bit fitter and into regularly pushing myself, I think it might be time to start again, especially as my Blogilates routines and leaving me a little stiff in the late evenings and mornings. I’ve been doing Blogilates for about 2 months now and I really think it’s doing wonders for my strength…we’ll see if it survives the long-term! Anyway, I’ve discovered Yoga with Adriene, a YouTuber who offers free Yoga “practice” (as she calls it). There are beginners tutorials, foundations to the trickier moves and also a 30 day series which I think I might try. She also has a couple of early morning routines as well as a bedtime routine, which is where I might start. I think there are other classes you can pay for, but you can’t really go wrong with this taster, which looks to require about 30 minutes a day. 

4. Read. I love reading. Adore it. Especially in the autumn and winter when it’s so cold outside, but so snug and cosy inside. Sadly, there just isn’t the time when you have two tricky exams to cram for. I actually got so excited about the prospect of the pile of books waiting for me that I came vey close to a Busted style jump looking in the window of WH Smith the other day when I remembered I’d get my hobby back. Bliss, bliss, bliss.

5. Plan my wedding. Yeah, I should probably get on to that.

6. Crafting and Sewing. My sewing machine is feeling neglected. And who doesn’t love a Christmas craft?!

7. Give more time to friends and family. While the positive result of frantic studying is that I really don’t have time to watch Strictly with my Nan, I really need to be less miserable about giving up my time… It’s just so precious when you work full-time and have lots of other things going on. 

8. Go on holiday! Hopefully with a blog to follow. Don’t worry; I plan to schedule a few to fill the gap!