Steak and Soba

Charles and I are both making a concerted effort to get on, and stay on, the healthy horse. However, I, like many of you I’m sure, have over indulged over Christmas and New Year. Whilst I felt relatively on top of things after Christmas weight-wise (yet out of condition exercise-wise) New Year has really taken it out of me, even though I had a few normal days in between. But I guess that’s what happens when you go from eating well, working out 5 times a week and keeping busy, to eating pie, sitting on your arse watching TV for most of the day and night and stuffing your face with chocolate coins and wine!  Luckily, I know how to encourage myself to eat meals which will help me to shift those extra pounds, so I’m back up on the horse. If you’re not feeling health-conscious, give this a go anyway because it’s delicious!

 beef stir fry recipes 
This recipe is particularly good for after a work out when you need some good protein, nutritious veg and a few slow-burning carbs, whilst being easy to prepare and topping you up on iron, which I think is pretty important if you’re reducing your calorie intake to keep your strength up (although please note that I am not a nutritionist!). It’s also delicious so don’t be put off if you aren’t feeling health conscious!

 healthy stir fry recipe 
You will need (to feed one):

1/2 onion

1 medium carrot

1/2 red pepper 

1 spring onion, chopped 

1/2 ribeye steak (Tesco do decent enough ones for this for £3)

2 tbsp soy sauce 

1 tsp runny honey 

2 tsp grated fresh ginger

1 clove garlic, grated

Splash lime juice

1/2 tsp sriracha 

1 tbsp sesame seeds

Splash groundnut oil

Pinch salt 

 easy healthy stir fry marinade 

1. Grate the garlic and ginger into a bowl and mix in the honey, soy sauce, lime juice and sriracha. Use as much or as little sriracha as you’d like – it can be pretty hot!

2. Chop the veg into smallish pieces. Add the groundnut oil to a wok and put on a medium to high heat. Chuck in the onion, pepper and carrot.

3. Slice the steak and mix it into the bowl. Tip any excess marinade into the vegetables once they have started to cook down.   

4. Once the vegetables are about 5 minutes away from perfection, add some more groundnut oil to a medium frying pan and put on a high heat until almost steaming. 

 recipes using soba noodles 
5. Boil a kettle and add salt to a medium saucepan then add the noodles and water, cook for a couple of minutes, until just cooked. The suggested serving of soba noodles is pretty massive so I only use about a third of a bundle. They are a great low GI carb and are gluten-free, given they’re made of buckwheat. The brown colour is a bit scary to start with, but trust me they taste just like regular noodles. And make it look like you really know what you’re doing!


  6. Sear the beef on both sides until nicely caramelised (the honey helps) and set aside. Pour any remaining marinade into the wok, add the cooked noodles and stir.

soba noodles recipe  

7. Finally, add the beef, spring onions and sesame seeds, stir and serve. 

steak and soba recipe 


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