Smile, It’s Sunday!

So it looks like I have a bit of a Sunday blogging series going on here. There’s just something about a big cup of home brewed coffee and an overworked oven that gets my writing buzz on.

I bought this orchid last weekend for the princely sum of £5 and I’ve very glad i did as I got back to a dead rosemary plant and dried up old roses. 

Today, I had to skip my lie in. Well, I still had an extra hour in bed than I would if I was working, but still, who sees 8.30am on a Sunday morning! There was a good reason, to be fair, with my potential wedding photographer to be met. 

He’s a great guy with an over-flowing enthusiasm for what he does, so a nice way to spend an hour and a couple of cups of coffee. Fingers crossed, that’s the next thing to tick off the list! 

I also discovered Apple Music today, by starting my free trial. I have my iPhone 6 back, by the way, and it has made me very happy, especially as it had managed to back-up all of my engagement-moon photos. Anyway, I haven’t heard great reviews about it, but I’ve been listening to a couple of the “Activity” playlists and have been pleasantly surprised. It basically allows you to pick out a playlist from a group designed to fit the mood of whatever activity you’re planning to get into. It won’t play your favourites, but it will give you some new or retro surprises.

I had to do some revising for my Financial Services exams earlier so I picked on one of their “studying” playlists. After finishing my Blogilates calendar workout, I decided I should add in some extra cardio because today’s group of workouts only gave you 8 minutes or cardio. I picked out a track from one of the working out lists and filled it up with 6 minutes of star jumps, bum kicks, skipping, boxing, knees up and jumping twists. Much better. 

Next, I set about getting a chicken in the oven to roast. I won’t share the recipe, as it was a fairly basic one and I think I’ve probably roast- chickened you all out a bit. Basically, I rubbed grated garlic and ginger into some butter with parsley and seasoning and rubbed it under the skin, stuffed with a lemon and roasted with a clementine, an onion, more garlic and a sprig of rosemary.

I picked out the Subday brunch playlist under the cooking section and enjoyed some sing-along classics from Celine, Tina and James Taylor. Excellent times. 

Anyways, I’m off to prepare some of my shopping for the freezer, cook supper and make banana bread. Playlist time! 

For anyone dreading the new work week, I’ll leave you with some excellent words from Freddie (Sunday meme) and wish you a very happy September (for Tuesday).


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