Quick Tomato Salsa


I just wanted something a bit different to go with supper so I thought I would knock this up. A great combination of tangy flavours all combining to become better than the sum of their parts. Tomatoes are one of those things that are a bit temperamental in terms of flavour so it is quite a good way to deal with some if they turn out to have no flavour whatsoever like these miserable chaps

I used half a shallot in my tiny batch which I would have considered to be a weak onion flavour more than a shallot flavour, which worked pretty well. Coriander is a bit divisive in terms of a flavour but that also brings something to it.

The basil went in because it always tends to if I am dealing in tomatoes – a classic and brilliant flavour combination.

In the recipe, I have put garlic but when I made it I used some garlic infused olive oil which was significantly more pungent than I was expecting, luckily a bit more lime managed to tone down the garlic. A clove of garlic is quite a bit for one person so I use a lot of garlic puree, it saves on waste and means your hands don’t stink for the next two days.

The warmth of chilli is of benefit but if you are a bit braver than I am with it, put a bit more. I am firmly of the opinion that not everything has to become the chilli show and roaring spice can often be the only thing you can taste.IMG_1960


(Per person)

1 tomato, diced

Half a shallot, diced

An inch of chilli sliced

About 10 stems of coriander chopped

5 basil leaves chopped

Half a clove of garlic crushed

Pepper and salt

A dribble of olive oil

A strong squeeze of lime



Stir everything up together and try it, adjust to taste.



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