Preparation is everything! 

I had to travel to Edinburgh for training today, and that’s always a challenging time for eating healthily and thriftily. However, despite being absolutely knackered last night, I spent time packing a big tote bag (I had files to take with me) and making lunch, knowing the temptation of a seldom visited sandwich shop is quite the draw.

So I chopped, piled, sorted and cling-filmed salad and fruit boxes, a couple of oatcakes and duck liver pâté (I know it isn’t the healthiest thing to eat but it’s good to have a bit of iron and protein from time to time), as well as setting out cutlery and napkins, and setting aside a yoghurt for breakfast on the go. 

By the time I’d done all that, there was barely time to paint my nails, chat to the fiancé and make a cup of tea, never mind the early night I’d planned to help me on the way to an early train. Not to worry, I woke up early nevertheless, rushed around, and packed my bag. 

Yoghurt on the train, melon and strawberries then an apple for a mid-morning snack to keep me away from the shortbread and Borders biscuits. 

And then lunch, finally, after hours of slow progress, it was declared that lunch was on order. As there is rarely such a thing as a fee lunch, I do allow myself to indulge when it’s provided, however, despite my groans at my wasted time, my preparation won the day when 5 sandwiches and 2 pasta salads were produced to feed 11. “Not to worry”, I said, “I’ve brought mine with me” and dived in to my fresh, light lunch box, as the others grumbled and shared the slim pickings available. “What’s that you have?”, “that looks nice”, “get you, Mrs healthy”…like the cat who successfully avoided the cream, I munched my way through my lovely lunch, then allowed myself a small piece of chocolate tray bake.

Preparation…is everything. 

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