How to Line Cake Pans

This isn’t an exciting recipe, I’m afraid, but if we dedicate some time to learn how to do the essentials well, we can save a lot of time for baking lovely cakes. 

how to bake

I tend to use two 9 inch round cake pans  when I’m baking a cake, letting each sponge cook more evenly and for less time than a single deeper round cake, plus you can sandwich them together with something delicious. Although there is of course a time and place for a single deep cake (Christmas cake, for example, or a bundt) but this will make you a Victoria sponge, a chocolate cake, a carrot cake…all of those good ones.
 uses for greaseproof paper 

So you will need, your cake pans, grease proof paper, a pencil, a pair of scissors, some butter and either the paper the butter comes in, a pastry brush or a piece of kitchen roll.  Or you can buy a packet of these (at huge expense) but you’ll still need the butter. how do you line cake tins 
  Roll out a little of the greaseproof paper, set one of the cake pans on top. how do you line cake pans 
 Draw around the base. baking hints and tips 
  To give you this circle guide. how to prepaee cake tins 
Cut out the circle. Try to keep inside the line to stop you leaving any ink or pencil on the paper which will be cooked up against sponge. how to make cake pan liners
 And this is what you’ll be left with. Repeat with the other to grease bakeware
 Rub a butter paper, piece of kitchen roll or pastry brush against some to grease cake pans 
 Use it to rub butter all over the bottom and sides of each cake pan. how to grease cake tins 
 Not too much, not too little, just enough to make sure the sponges will turn out if the pans easily. how to line cane tins  Set the paper circles into the pans, then grease them too. And there you have it: all ready to fill with delicious cake batter!

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