H&M Autumn Staples

I went a little bit crazy in H&M, but you know what, every now and then the season changes and you remember how relieved you were when summer came around last time because you were so sick of your warm clothes, and then you have to go and buy some new stuff. At least with H&M, you know their prices won’t make you feel too guilty!

I was primarily looking for some basics – jumpers, jeans, tshirts – and was pleasantly surprised because although I’ve had some real gems from H&M in the past, I have also been massively disappointed in their ranges. Luckily, this was a good shopping day, though I did spend £108. But when you consider how many garments I ended up with…meh. 

I apologise for the photos coming up – I took them all when I was trying everything on after a long day at work. My hair is a total mess, but the makeup you see was applied about 10 hours before and held up relatively well. 

To provide some context, everything here was in a UK size 12, or medium where they decided not to use dress sizing.

First up, a pair of £14.99 skinny jeans and this £29.99 jumper. It’s really cosy, and contains a very small alpaca content which should mean it stays soft and holds its shape. The jeans were a keeper at that price. The fit isn’t startling but they’re skinny so it isn’t so crucial especially as they aren’t mid rise.

GAP jeans are my favourite jeans of all time. However I’ve been disappointed in them recently as they seem to be favouring jeans of the mid rise persuasion, which do nothing for my short frame, and they replaced their line of jeggings with a 4-way stretch jean which loses its elasticity after a couple of months. Jeans with stretch marks…not good! I’ve tried one pair of H&M light coloured skinnies and have been pleasantly surprised. Although they were a little tight over the upper thigh when I first got them, they’re grand now. 

I did opt to return the jumper though as it was doing this funky swing thing at the front and was generally quite boxy. 


This is a cheap as chips £3.99 tshirts which has a slightly marled texture. I wanted the grey/black one but it was ridiculously thin and see-through so I picked this lovely maroon/burgundy colour, thinking it would be nice for the autumn. This is a medium and it does actually fit when I’m standing up straight! It is pretty cheaply made, but lovely and soft.

These beige trousers describe themselves as slim rather than skinny, so they have a bit more substance and a little less stretch. Being a beigey colour, they’re a little bit smarter too she would look awesome teamed with a shirt and jumper combo.

 Next, a denim shirt dress which may be the softest thing in the entire world (please excuse the nobbly knees). I thought it would be too long for me but it actually gathers really effortlessly at the waist when you tie the belt.  It’s not bad at £29.99. This is part of the “H&M Comscious” range and is made of Tencel Lyocell, which is s fabric made from recycled wood pulp. Which is sort of unbelievable. 


Lastly, black skinnies for £14.99 which are almost a dupe for my old style GAP black skinnies but they are a bit stretchier. The hoodie was pretty thin but a good bargain. (I actually ended up returning this one as I found a cracking deal on a navy GAP zip-up at the outlet store).

So that’s us! Let me know if you have any current H&M or other autumn clothing favourites!

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