Boots Haul!

my hairdryer decided to pack in this morning. So off to Boots I merrily trotted in my lunch hour to buy a new one. There were a couple of contenders but this Tresemmé Keratin Smooth dryer won the day. Partially because it came with a free brush and keratin heat protecting spray! 

It claims to offer 2200 watts, delivered in an ionising stream via a ceramic lined barrel. There’s only the one speed, though, which I’m a bit disappointed about, though there are 3 temperatures: cold, warm and hot. 

The gold and red colour theme is pretty cool, but the red brush will be a bit random when the heat protecting spray has been used up!

It was £27.99 in Boots, which I didn’t think was too bad – I’m not the kind of girl who’s happy to spend £50 on a hairdryer. Saying that, once I’m in Boots it’s pretty hard to get back out again, especially when you have to abandon your trip to Superdrug the day before because you were being hounded by school kids in jeggings. So, my new hairdryer cost me £60.08 in all, and I don’t feel like I have that much swag to show for it.

I intended to get one new moisturiser, but Simple was on 3 for 2 so I picked up an age resisting day cream and night cream as well as a normal Replenishing Moisturiser. The daytime age guy comes with sun protection (only SPF 15, but then it’s barely summer here just now) and both of the age resisters claim to contain green tea extract. I already have one of the night creams that I picked up in Tesco and it smells good, and isn’t too sticky on your skin for going to bed. I effectively got the replenisher for free. Now just to remember I have them the next time I run out….

The Dove Summer Glow was on offer for £2.99 and it smells great. I picked the fair to medium skin shade. The idea is that it’s an all over body moisturiser that will gradually build a bit of colour, more naturally than a fake tan. I’ll let you know how I get on!

The nail remover pads are a handy basic that avoid the need to faff about with cotton pads and a bottle of nail polish remover and are actually one of the other things I needed! And Barry M nail polish….you can’t get enough of that…..

  Maybelline had a buy one get one half price on, so I took the opportunity to pick up their Nudes palette and this Master Sculpt contour/highlight duo. I wanted to try this because I’m looking for a really subtle bronzer, since I have quite fair skin, so thought this might be a good multi purpose bit of kit. Sadly, it’s a bit disappointing when you open it up, though, as they’ve delivered a round pan in a cool square compact, which makes it seem a little ungenerous and hoodwinky, but what can you do?
It comes in 3 colour duos, depending on the darkness of your skin tone, and gives you a brush underneath, designed more to fit in the box than with contouring in mind, unfortunately. 

When I seatchef this, though, the contour shade was a bit disappointing, but the back of my hand is bound to be darker than my based-up cheek so we’ll see how that goes. The highlighter goes on really smoothly and is a beautiful shade of creamy gold, but the specks of glitter in it are more than I bargained for.  

 Finally, the Nudes. I’m most excited about trying this one, as the swatches I’ve tried suggest that these will apply and blend really well but we’ll see! The palette contains 5 matte shades and 7 shimmery shades but they all look pretty rich and luscious. 

The bottom of the casing has a bit of a clever surprise, showing you how to create 13 different colour combinations, by combining shades in horizontal two and threes, or square fours. The applicator it comes with is pretty weedy and useless though, with two sponge ends, and it’s only about 2/3 of the way across the palette. 

The conclusion is then, Maybelline, stop wasting money on substandard applicators and reduce the cost of your products (or put more in!)

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